My Poems!

war is the world

Sometimes I feel so out of luck

So out of touch with the world

I just want to crawl in a corner

And become a different girl.

If I had one wish to make

On a stary night

It would be for peace on earth

That no one would ever fight.

But that wish can't come true

For war is the word of the world.

If you had four hours to live

What would you do?

Make a wish for peace on earth

A wish that will never come true?


Heaven, no one knows what it's like

Do they sing, dance, or fly kites?

All we know is someday

We all unite in a cloud in the sky.

Will we be able to fly?


Heaven is where my mom went.

And other friends that lives were spent

When will the time come for me or you?

Is it purple, red, or blue?

No one knows about it

How does evrybody fit

In a big cloud in the sky?


Friends are always there for you.

In thick and thin and when your blue.

They always can cheer you up

Just by saying hi! whats up?

They stick up for you too

For everything you do

Right or wrong they'll always be

Friends to you and friends to me.


Dreams are beautiful things,

From roses to animals to human beings.

They keep you busy in the night.

Sometimes you dream about flight.

Dreams can be happy or sad.

Dreams can be good or bad.

Sometimes you have a dream friend.

They dream of you,

You dream of them too.



Oh mighty mighty father of mine

Please don't rush just take your time

I feel so sad so mad inside

You work all day and all night

I try so hard not to start a fight

It seems the more I try and try

Sometimes I just want to cry

It hurts me everytime you say goodbye

All the above poems were writen by me at the age of 12



The loved i've loved has gone away

Somehow I know he could have stayed

He chose to leave

And left he did

I never told him how I felt

Now he'll never know

For the love i've loved has gone away

For he killed himself today


My head hurts

My body thrives

These drugs I do

Will make me die

I try to stop

But I just can't

Everyday I'm closer to death

Or I do something wrong

They hurt me so

But I go on

As just anoughter druggie


Theres a fly in my pie

Get out! get out!

Get out! or I will scream and shout!

Waiter! waiter! come over here please.

Get it out before I sneeze!

I'm allergic to flys can't you see.

Please fly just let me be.

Fine i'll bite and chew you up,

or you can stay in my cup,

For I am not thirsty not indeed

This pie is for me can't you see!

Fine! fine! I'll sqeeze you then

Oh No! my dinner it's on my hand

And you fly, live on again.

Not many people get the point of the ubove poem. The fly represents the wall that stands between what you want, the pie represents what you want, it states how the wall never dies but the things you want do. never give up or your dreams will be squished.


Who is the girl I see

When I look in the mirror?

Is that girl really me?

Sometimes I don't know,

Sometimes I don't care.

She looks back at me

Like she knows something

That I do not know.

How can I be that monster

Who is stareing back?

Is she me?

How can she be?

Her inner beauty lost.

all the above poems were writen by me at age 13


I love you

I must have been stupid to think

you loved me too

to think of all the things I have done

To think of all the good times we shared

To think of all the fun

I reallt thought you cared

But I guess I was wrong

to do all the stuff I had to do

Just so I could be with you

I cherished every moment

I cherished every thought

To whom am I going to give

All the things I bought?

It is hard to beileve it's over

You say we weren't meant to be

But I know your wrong

You say to forget about me

But I'd run far and long

Just for the love I once had

The love you gave to me

To the tigers I have been fed

To not live again

To walk among this earth

And never ever love


I don't know if you understand

How great you make me feel

I love the ove I have for you

I know it will never change

I may not say it out of the blue

But i hope you stay the same

Your the one i don't deserve

I am not worthy of your love

I try so hard to get with you

But i feel you don't know my name

I love every little thing you do

But you no longer feel the same


I messed it up

I ruined us

I take all the blame


Yet somehow when i reach the end

of anoughter day

I can't help but thik, that we were meant to be

I can never get over you

No mater how hard i try

I can not see myself living without your love

But i no longer have a choice

If i did here you'd be

and never ever leaving me

Just me and you no one else

As candles light your face

You speak to me in monotone

Yet i love to hear your voice

You are all that i can see

The only thing that maters

Then i wake up

From this dream

And go on once again

Anoughter day without your love


A day like this

A day to share

A simple wish

A simple care


As the wind blows by

together we stand

I hear you sigh

With our feet in the sand

What a perfect day for us to share


I take your hand

Lets go for a walk

Hear the seagulls caw

A heart in the sand

As were hand in hand

What a perfect day for us to share


no one here to hold us back

No one to tell us no

Your arm around me as the sunsets

Clearly our love can show

Just you and me, no one else

What a perfect day for us to share


My life has changed

In a way so deep

No one can understand

Here I lay

In fear of sleep

As i feel the unawakend

crawl in my head

sing in my ears

Torture my soul to sleep

I will never wake again

Just to walk a zombieness life

My soul will never rise

my eyes will never sleep

I no longer am in control

I no longer care

This is not me!

This is not my doing!

I deny it all

Maybe deny is really regret

as I live a faceless life.....


As the sin is put to rest

And death crawls out of the corpse

It moves on to its next victum

They leave the lifeless sould

laying, scared for life


I wonder if he thinks of me at all

I wonder if he wonders what would have happend

I wonder if he is waiting for my call

I wonder if he knows i know about the tears that have dampend

The lifeless soul

The loveless heart

The body without a goal

His life has turned tart

I can't helo but feel sorry

When i try to feel revenge

The pain he has gone through

Is more then i could take

I would only feel one emotion



Why is he suck a jerk?

Why does he make me cry?

Doesn't he understand?

He makes me want to ie

I have never felt so unwanted, so unloved

I no longer know the feeling

Part of me doesn't care

I guess our love is in the past

I know i should move on

I can't help but want him back

And all i want to know

is if we'd ever work

if i could have one more chance

I would try so hard

i'd never want to loose him again

The first time was hard enough

I don't know how much more i can take

I just want to be free

I don't want to love you

I an not help it

It must be the things you do

You make me weak in the knees

I can never get over you

It must be the things you do


The empty house never moves

It jsut sits there and trys not to forget

all the good times, all the fun and wishes for someone to soothe

the house that was filled with laughter

the sound of beaudiful things

of children playing in the yard

with a nice summer breeze

now the house just sits and trys not to cry

for all fun is gone, never again will it be back...

If walls talked what would they say?

would they tell of all the love?

The ceiling tell of all the secrets,

dad wasn't supose to know?

would it mater to the empty house?

the house will never be the same

for as the people left...

it took the houses heart


they empty house never moves

it just sits there,

and crys


There's always going to be a cloud in the sky

in the sea, always a fish

but as this world goes by and by

i only have on wish

for you as a friend

is a dream come true

i hope you understand

how happy i am

to have a friend like you


The beauty inside is what maters the most

the beauty of the heart

so tonight i wish to make a toast

to tell you from the start,

i knew since the day that we met

that destiny brought us to be

my life wiht you has now been set

friends always, you and me


If you leave me

i don't know what i'd do

i hope you see

what you mean to me

i'd just be lost without you

you guide my way

give me sould by what you do

i don't know how to say

my many thanks to you


your my friend

i know that true

so here i send

gratitude to you

you've touched my heart

taught me to fly

i knew from the start

a friend like you

is kept near the heart


before we were born

we were already friends

and time when your torn

between what's wrong and what's right

the dieision you make

i know you'll hold with might

you've always been there

you've never been wrong

just understand

the beauty you've done


even though we've just become friends

I see a lot in you

your there when i need someone

i know you'll see me through

to me so much you have done

i know you'll always be there

through thick and thin

you my friend

true always you to me


I wish you knew

what you've done for me

I will never be able to repay you

the friendship you've shown

is what i owe

only to you from me


the world has a way of looking at things

it makes you feel warm inside

you have that gift

you have the touch

that makes me want to cry

tears of joy for the love you send

to every girl and boy

it makes me happy just to say

we are friends always

not just today

all above poems were written by me at age 14